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Kenwrote a review of on February 8, 2013

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Rocketing down the hill, approaching a sharp 180 degree off-camber left, your fingers tap the hoods of the brakes.

You're cautious, but then again you don't want to lose too much speed on that turn.

The brake pad fade which used to occur is still in your mind. The painful audible memory of screeching pads all too familiar.

But NO longer.

It's like butter. The SwissStop pads hold onto the carbon rims like any man would hold onto a beautiful redhead. You hold her tightly... never wanting to let go, but you do.... In the back of your mind you think about her, your heart quickens knowing you'll get to hold her again as the next turn approaches.

These SwissStop Yellow brakes pads are phenomenal. The braking control you can exhibit on carbon rims is unlike any thing I've ever felt before.