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Keith A.

Keith A.

Keith A.

Keith A.wrote a review of on August 4, 2019

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I am now on my 5th wahoo elemnt bolt. Yes #5 in over a year so now I am outside the warranty so hopefully its lucky #5. The altimeter has been off lately by a difference of over 1200ft (3200ft gain vs 4400 accent)on an out and back ride. I have a smart phone but am not savy with it. That being said I was able to make it all work and the bolt worked great until they developed lines in the screen or went blank. customer service was great and replaced the failed units each time. Now my tickr heart strap is not working properly. Once again customer service has been great but I have not seen a new hr strap yet. One bolt failed me a the exact start of a 50 mile mtb race. The tickr failed me at that same race a year later at the start. grrrrr. I have become a data junky monitoring my heart/power/cadence and it works great with strava. I bought the wahoo to replace my non gps sigma rox 6.0 because it couldn't read my stages power meter. It worked perfectly for a year and now my wife has been using it. As of now I'm looking to replace my wahoo with something else but all choices seem about the same. CRAP AND FAILURE in short time for high dollars.