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Kazimiera H.

Kazimiera H.

Kazimiera H.

Kazimiera H.wrote a review of on July 15, 2017

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First I want to say that the customer service for BackCountry is hands down the best ever!!!! If I was rating just them, it would be 5 stars. BUT If you're looking that the WeeHoo bike trailer with a jogger wheel, they are falsely advertising it!!!!

According to WeeHoo, they stopped manufacturing that particular one back in September 2016. The one they make/ sell does not have the jogging wheel but instead has 2 stroller wheels. BackCountry, Steep and Cheap, and Competitive Cycling, are all the same company. WeeHoo has been contacting them to update their websites but they haven't.
So what happened- I ordered the jogger/bike trailer, get it on Thursday and it's supposedly the wrong one. I call them, they overnight me the 'correct one' as I drag a 38 lbs box to UPS to return. I get my new one Friday evening (mind you I need this for vacation Saturday) and it's the same exact one they originally sent me. thats when I called WeeHoo directly finding out all the above information.

WeeHoo was AMAZING and rectified the situation by sending me the jogger wheel attachment. I called BackCountry back and explained everything and they discounted me/partial refund for my troubles. But seriously, how can a company be advertising the wrong item??!!! Unfortunately, I'll probably never by anything from them again because who knows what I'll actually get.