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Kathie/Bikes With Dogs

Kathie/Bikes With Dogs

Kathie/Bikes With Dogs

Kathie/Bikes With Dogswrote a review of on July 13, 2011

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I was going to order 2 of these - good ratings - and style I'd like rather than high neck. BUT - I wear them to bike, run, walk in hot weather and often out to eat/run errands before and after my activities and REALLY do NOT like letters or logos or names plastered on the front of my jerseys/tops. And Garneau has to plaster his name hugely on the backside of his jerseys - small print would be bad enough, no one is trying to read his name a block away. I feel like I am wearing a sign - guess that is his objective for bikers whizzing by!
I stick with Terry, Sheila Moon, Pearl Izumi (at least theirs is decorative and not a billboard.
Oh, well, guess most don't mind advertising for free after paying hefty prices for these garments. Though your sale prices are good.