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Kane Cunico

Kane Cunico

Kane Cunico

Kane Cunicowrote a review of on December 4, 2010

Size matters
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It's hot and humid here in Singapore. And it also rains down like a waterfall during the current monsoon season. Needed an XC glove that's light and full of ventilation for the dry season, and not thick and bulky and that retains water during the wet season. The POC Index Air fulfills all the above requirements adequately if you want a full-fingered XC glove. And it looks good to top off a functional glove, providing sufficient grip without impeding the feel for the handlebar. Only downside is that if you're choosing a size, don't rely on HucknRoll's sizing chart for POC. Go to the POC website to get their actual measurements. They claim that their sizes are slightly on the smaller size so if you're exactly a medium like me, go for the large. That's because the inseam between the thumb and index finger gets worn if it's exactly fitting and tears easily. Disappointing initially even before I hit the trails. But POC has wonderful customer service that understood my predicament and sent me new gloves in large (which they recommended).So far on two trails, one dry and one in the monsoon, the gloves have held up well, are hand-washed easily with mild soap and still look great. Will return to these gloves whenever I need a new pair, which shouldn't be soon. Fragile they may seem, but with the right size, they get the job done.