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K1196Awrote a review of on August 14, 2013

WOW - fantastic bike!
5 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

Simply put, this bike is a blast to ride. It's got all the fun most of us could ever need and plenty of smooth ride to go with it. The Granturismo is a nice compromise between pure performance and an all day rider.

When you do decide to push the bike it accelerates very well, wants to stay at speed, and both corners and descends confidently. I did find the steering to be almost twitchy at times, but it wasn't unlike a previous race bike I had and was nothing I'd consider scary or untamed (but it might catch newer riders slightly off-guard).

Thus far the bike is as shipped, excepting the upgrading of wheels to a Mavic Kysrium SL wheelset (from the packed Shimano RS30 wheelset that came on the bike-- not the Fulcrum Racing 5 in the spec sheet), and tossing the FSA Energy brakes (not the Gossamers sighted in the spec sheet) in favor of new Ultegra 6800 brakes.