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Josh Good

Josh Good


Josh Good

Josh Goodwrote a review of on October 1, 2015

Pimp my Ri... no Pimp my Bottle!
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Familiarity: I've used it several times

Who thought you could trick out a water bottle? Well Avex did it with the Brazos.

First of all, the biggest pro of this bottle for me is the size- or lack thereof. Unlike the Classic Nalgene or (insert brand here) vacuum bottle, this guy is quite a bit smaller. At 25 ounces (rather than the usual 32 ounces) not only am I carrying less weight in water, but the bottle has a smaller circumference around the bottom allowing it to fit into spots where a bigger bottle just sits on top- i.e. cup holders, pack pouches, and back pockets. Obviously the less water part could be an issue if you're in a climate dryer than mine, but we've got fresh, drinkable water around every corner and no beaver fever, so it's possible for us to carry less water and fill up more often.

Besides size, the other big thing in the pro category is the controlled™ pour. Weve all been on a bumpy ride trying to have a sip of our bev, and it ends up all over your front- and weve all heard the response: its gotta go through your mouth to get in your stomach.. The autoseal feature allows you to almost sip the water out of the bottle rather than have it pour out around your mouth all over you. Super handy on bumpy roads, rougher days on the water, or even while walking or running. A quick sip is not an issue.

Like I said, Avex tricked out the Brazos with some quality innovation.
- No flappy lid: think Nalgene, when you open it the lid is either hitting you in the face or dripping on your shirt. Also, no lid to open that might get dropped or lost
- Sturdy attachment hook: again, think Nalgene- and I really have nothing against Nalgene!- they've got the flimsy lid holder. I trust this hook to hold my bottle on the deck of my kayak getting hammered with waves.
- Cover for the spout/straw: there™s plenty of funk and dog hair in my life, and its kept off the mouth piece
- Spill/leak proof: no wet butts after it lays on its side on the truck seat, and like I said, it allows you to have a sip any time you want without a spill- no waiting for the stop signs.
- Dishwasher safe: which is not as common as you might think, but definitely handy when you leave something other than water in there a little too long! (just be careful not to wash off your stickers!)
- BPA Free: Duh.

The two biggest things are size- which there is also a 32 oz version- and drinking from the spout- which takes a bit getting used to, but in the end is not an issue.

I've never put too much thought into water bottles, but overall this is a pretty killer bottle.