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Jordan Fletcher

Newcastle, WA

Jordan Fletcher's Bio

Hey everyone, welcome to my profile. Outside of shredding trails, I really love computer aided design. My three MTB idols are Remy Metailler, Vincent Tupin, and Luke Strobel. I am about 5' 10" (about 1.8 meters), African-American (JAW DROPPER), athletic sprinter build (I run the 100m and 400m, and have a "thin"/fit build--depends on the person), weigh about 185lbs. (84 kg), brown eyes, and black hair with a military haircut. If you'd like to hook up, my number is- Ha, nah. My favorite music genre is epic music. My favorite production companies are Audiomachine, Ninja Tracks, ReallySlowMotion, Position Music, and many more. As you can probably tell, I am not a super intense person, I’m pretty chill really. I am respectful to everyone I meet and know. I do my absolute best to live by the golden rule every second of every day. So, I feel like I covered the important parts of myself. Thanks for checking out my profile!

Jordan Fletcher's Passions

  • Mountain Biking.

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