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Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirovwrote a review of on December 26, 2018

3 5

Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

For a shoe that says WIDE right on the tongue, they were surprisingly narrow. While the overall construction of the shoe seems great and the soles are super grippy and stiff, it was just a nonstarter, they felt more narrow than my old bike shoes, which were not supposedly wide.

It's unfortunate because there aren't that many wide bike shoes that cost less than $400, and I was hoping these would be the ones. So, in short, if you have *kind of* wide feet you might give these a try, if you have freaky wide feet, and are the kind of person who has to have their ski boot shells punched out and most rock shoes don't work for you, then probably pass on these.




Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirovwrote a review of on April 25, 2013

2 5

These fenders are mediocre.

Pros: If they fit on your bike they are easy to attach. Decent coverage.

- The rear fender didn't fit on one of my bikes, because the space between the seat stays is too narrow.
- The front fender gets in the way of my toes if I turn at low speed. Sooner or later I feel like the fender is going to break because of this.
- Front fender doesn't stick out forward as far as I would like, meaning that I still get front tire spray in my face if it's really wet.

I ride year 'round in the Pacific Northwest and I've used a lot of fenders. I have yet to find a great pair but these are definitely not it.