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Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirov

Jonas Kirovwrote a review of on April 25, 2013

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These fenders are mediocre.

Pros: If they fit on your bike they are easy to attach. Decent coverage.

- The rear fender didn't fit on one of my bikes, because the space between the seat stays is too narrow.
- The front fender gets in the way of my toes if I turn at low speed. Sooner or later I feel like the fender is going to break because of this.
- Front fender doesn't stick out forward as far as I would like, meaning that I still get front tire spray in my face if it's really wet.

I ride year 'round in the Pacific Northwest and I've used a lot of fenders. I have yet to find a great pair but these are definitely not it.