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JP Rambo

JP Rambo

JP Rambo

JP Rambowrote a review of on January 19, 2017

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I got this bottle after my frustrations with Patagonia's version of the double wall. What I love about this bottle is the huge mouth that accommodates even the bridge of my nose. The build is tops and when I fill it up with ice water, I still have remnants of ice 2-3 days later when left in my work backpack getting ready for the next work day. Now I do have to say, that being that there are probably hundreds of companies with knock offs, the Yeti isn't as special anymore. my buddy got a knock off for 19 dollars for the same size bottle which looks almost identical minus the YETI stamp. We filled both of our bottles up with the same amount of ice and water and checked them out periodically over a week long road trip. Both of our bottles still had some ice at almost 72 hours. That said the price tag is really hefty for the name. Other than that, the bottle does exactly what I bought it to do, and that is to keep stuff cold for a whole 12 hour shift at the hospital. If your looking for a bottle like this one, I would probably tell you unless your buying the name, there are plenty of other bottles out there that are identical to this one. As far as build and durability, this bottle doesn't dent and blemish easy like my Patagonia did. The steel is top notch. I can't say that the knock offs are as good in that category.