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Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis

Jim Lewiswrote a review of on December 4, 2019

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Wearing these for 18 months, purchased from LBS. My size 12 feet are fairly wide but not enough for a wide size and the size 47 fits fine. They were a little narrow at first when I tried them in the store but they predictably broke in. They are reasonably stiff. I have not experienced “hot spots” but my all-road rides are 30 miles or less. Fairly easy to walk in. The cleat bed is recessed far enough from the tread that lateral float is restricted and I bought cleat spacers from Shimano that resolved this. The cleats are still recessed enough that I can walk carefully on hardwood floors without denting them. The laces are long but when double-knotted and tucked through the elastic loop they’re fine. I can’t imagine traction enough for muddy hillsides, but for a general purpose road shoe I can reasonably walk in for short distances they serve me well and I recommend them.