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Jessewrote a review of on August 11, 2011

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I really liked the gloves when they arrived, but have noticed one issue that may not impact most out there. The 'gel' padding is a smooth-surface material that does not absorb moisure and actually becomes very slick on certain surfaces (namely bare handlebars) when the sweat starts to pour. I have carbon, ergo handlebars, and the bar tape only goes just past the brake levers (the upper section feels a bit too fat for my preference with tape on it). Anyway, after a bit of sweating, if I want to place my hands in/around the crossbar, I'm in a danger zone as that area is very slick with these gloves. I guess I could bite the bullet and tape all the way up, but I'd rather not. With a glove with a more standard palm (nubuck, etc), this wouldn't be a problem, which was the case with my old Trek gloves.

- Decent looking
- Sweat wipe area on the thumb (this is critical for me)
- Light with just enough padding (not too much, not too little)

- Padding material (as described above)
- Mine didn't come with the pull tabs as advertised