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Jeremywrote a review of on November 5, 2010

5 5

I am very happy with this bike, it's my first road bike and I get aero and ultegra components together at a great price.

Before buying this bike, I have test ridden quite a few bikes, aluminum, half carbon, full carbon..I ended up buying the Litespeed C3, it accelerates fast and ride quality on the road feels great. I am not sure if the aero helps but the bike is very comfortable. Mine came with three 1cm spacers and stem pointing down so there is some tweaks that can be done.

I was intimidated by the aspect of integrated seat post, but if you call up Litespeed they can sell you an clamp and adjustable seatpost just like the 2011 frame, After having a reputable LBS fit me and determine the optimal saddle height they cut the ISP and I get to ride the bike for the first time, and plan to keep it that way.

The wheelset is quite cheap (on the good side there is 1 lb to be shaved with a lighter wheel set) but the tire is decent quality. I like the compact saddle.

It's not as pretty as the Cervelo bikes, but styling is unique. I also didn't like the huge name on the downtube.

I have seen the stock number decrease everyday I am surprise no one has written a review yet.

For the performance and value of the bike, I give it 5 stars.