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Jelantikwrote a review of on July 3, 2015

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I like this pants. It's very comfortable and looks well made. I love the waist band. It's so soft and sooo comfortable. Not restricting or digging to your belly. I can hardly feel the waist band around my waist. Also, unlike other reviewer, I don't have so much issue with the chamois. I thought the chamois is thicker than my Gore Oxygen shorts. I rides 4 times a week between 30-45 miles. So far, It's perfect thickness for my girly. But everyone is different down there. I like the length of the short and also like the gripper. The gripper keeps the shorts stays there. I love the color on the gripper as well. It's not over the top like most other brand. Just nice stripes to add accent. Adding touch of stylishness on the black short. I bought the one with the blue accent on the front. It matches my kit and my helmet.

The only thing I don't like about this shorts is that Gore uses a see through material right on your butt. So you can see through your butt crack. Hm, not sure if I want the guy behind me to enjoy my butt crack during the group ride. So to remedy that, I typically wear a baselayer. But even that, in the summer, the base layer is more like a fish net! Now your butt crack view just got a fish net pattern on it.

I'm not sure why these days every company using a lot more see through material for women shorts. I know they are fighting for cooling shorts, but so far any of my shorts that's not using any see through material, I never at once feels like I'm so hot in my shorts! After all most bike short is like wearing an underwear already. How much cooling do you want to get? So that's all my complaint. Other than than the shorts itself is well made, look stylish, comfortable material, good chamois, perfect inseam and I look good wearing it, ... well except if you don't count the see through of my butt crack :-)




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0 Answers


Jelantikwrote a review of on November 24, 2011

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This shoe is my first road bike shoe after all the years of wearing touring/mountain bike shoe. After lots of research, I finally come across to this shoe. Not only it's beautifully designed (typical European elegant design), but this shoe is so comfortable to wear. It hugs my feet nicely and it feels snug comfortably.

I know there are a lot of questions in regards to the sizing. So here's my experience. I'm 5.3 and I wear US 7.5 size (= 39.5 European size). I managed to try both 39.5 and 39 at the same time, and ended up buying size 39. Size 39 fits really snug while size 39.5, even though it feels a little roomier but I can feel a tad larger. I even did a comparison of feel by wearing size 39 for an hour, then took off the right shoe and swapped it with 39.5. (so left shoe was 39, right shoe was 39.5). Then, I sat down for 30 minutes with both shoes on. After 30 minutes, I could feel the difference between the two shoes. Size 39 fitted snugly on my feet while size 39.5 felt a little larger (similar feeling if you wear a shoe that's 1/2 size larger or maybe like wearing sneakers).

My old shoe (Shimano), I wear size 39 too. So my recommendation would be buy 1/2 smaller than your usual size, if you like the snug feeling. But if you like something roomier (feels like wearing sneakers, probably) then buy your regular size. The conversion between US size and European size on the drop down menu is correct. However, if you want to buy Sidi genius 6.6, their sizing is a little different. So this review is only for Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon.

Also make sure you line up the letter "I" and "D" on the top of the highest part of your foot when you try it on. It makes a huge difference on how it feels.

Hope this helps.