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Jay D.

Jay D.

Jay D.

Jay D.wrote a review of on February 14, 2014

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I have a first generation Power Tap hub. It is not convertible to wireless. I gave the bike it was mounted on to my girlfriend's son. When I tried to use my power tap wheel with a different bike, it wouldn't work. I changed the batteries in both the hub and the head, but no go. I figured the wired sensor must have gotten damaged in the move to the other bike. I contacted my local bike shop and they contact Cycle Ops. Their answer was to sell me an entire new wheel and computer head at a "special price". Cycle Ops never even mentioned the availability of this extra bike wire. That's poor marketing and customer service if you ask me. I am an active club rider and ex racer. I was ready to tell everyone that my large investment was now worthless, because the manufacturer didn't make a small fix replacement part.
Thankfully I found it on your website. It has a slightly different design than my original (actually much nicer) but it works flawlessly. I know this isn't a big ticket money maker for you, and you probably don't sell very many. But thanks for making a small dollar fix available for what was initially a major dollar investment. I'll buy more from you in the future because of it.

Jay Dash