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Jason W.

Jason W.

Jason W.

Jason W.wrote a review of on March 29, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

First I will say I am not a "gearhead" trying to promote these I am a real customer. Second, I am not a road biker but a mountain biker. I ride between 10 -20 miles and on serious technical climbing and steep downs and jumps. I purchased these to wear under my MTB shorts and because I can't stand to wear those silly looking bibs! I just can't get myself to do it. Anyway, I normally wear a medium and the mediums were waaaaay too tight! So do yourself a favor and size up. I had to send them back and ordered the large. Even the larges were a bit snug but they will do. The chamois is good and was comfortable for the 5-mile MTB ride I did. I have 20 miles scheduled soon so I will add to this after I finish that one. The chamois is very good but not one of the better ones but it is very thick and will definitely keep you feeling good. I feel the chamois in the Pearl Izumi interval shorts are better even though this chamois is about the same thickness. But the Pearl Izumi intervals are more expensive. These shorts are made of a different material that does stretch but slightly, hence the tightness. They sort of double as compression shorts, which is a good thing I guess because it will minimize soreness. I have not tested or not whether they will block the wind as they are designed to do but that is not really what I bought them for. Good shorts for the price and feel for the price these are spot on at $77 on sale here. I'm bummed because I purchased them at $90 here so for $77 they are a deal.

EDIT: so the chamois has a line right down the middle that splits the padding and that is where it is stitched together on the outside. After miles of riding, you begin to feel that and it's not good. I would not recommend these if you are doing any rides over 5 miles. This middle part will tear you up in the soft tissue area below. The sit bone padding is great but the line down the middle is a deal breaker. I should have just got the Pearl Izumi intervals for this price, much better chamois.



Jason W.

Jason W.wrote a review of on June 17, 2016

5 5

Doing bodybuilding for years I always use this. After a heavy leg day with squats, leg presses, etc, the next day I can ride my MTB hard on the trails when I take this about 15 min before I ride. It helps with soreness for me which allows me to ride the next day after a leg workout. It also helps reduce lactic acid build up that really helps when climbing the steep hills, it allows you to push through the burns much more easier. I love this stuff.