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Ian M.

Ian M.

Ian M.

Ian M.wrote a review of on January 29, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

Tossed my old shoes after 10 years, and I wasn't going back to buckles and straps—mud clogged them completely. While BOAs are pretty standard, what drew me to these was the fact that they're specifically designed for CX racing. They're like a nice road shoe plus treads and ready for mud.
The (real) leather upper is pliable enough to be comfortable, but so far tough enough to fend off scrapes and washes down easily. It's also very warm for winter, though there's a bit of mesh and venting cutouts. Haven't tried these in an early season race yet. Inside there's very little padding, but you don't need it with how comparably soft these are, and it's less to get saturated in the wet.

The carbon sole plate is stiff, much more so than my old MTB shoes, and they feel a lot more connected with the pedal. I do get a bit of heel lift while running, but they do flex enough to run without feel like they're getting sucked off my feet. Essentially they're built knowing that most of the time, you're pedaling, but just enough flex to get through runups. No complaints on the tread. Several sets of toe spikes are included.

As for fit, they're roomy with a wider toe box, but tighter in the heel. I used the fit guidelines from their site and first bought a 45 (my foot length is around 28cm), but that turned out too big, even with thick socks. Sizing a half-size down was still more than enough to wear winter socks and still wiggle my toes, and not be bottoming out the laces. They fit a lot like road shoes with a little extra volume up front for running, but being fairly low-cut, not best for extended off-the-bike time.

Lastly, the lacing system just works. The replacement pair I received had the two-way BOA knobs for adjusting looser if need be.

Bottom line: they're pricey, but they're bombproof, mud proof, and pressure-washer proof. Well worth it if you do CX exclusively, maybe less so for general trail riding. As far as I can tell, the Supercross model is the same as the regular MX237, save for the abrasion-resistant leather.