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Gregory B.

Gregory B.

Lafayette, Colorado

Gregory B.'s Passions

Road Biking
Snow Skiing

Gregory B.'s Bio

64 year old guy who loves to be outdoors. Mostly for me that means road cycling, though I also love to camp, hike, and ski. I do both resort skiing and sort of novice backcountry stuff. I typically camp more than thirty days a year.

Gregory B.

Gregory B.wrote a review of on July 18, 2017

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have been riding tubulars for decades, and have tried most every brand. Veloflex, FMB, Vittoria, Michelin, Tufo, Mavic, Continental - I've ridden the top tires on the road.

I've been riding Schwalbe One Tubulars over two full years now, and they have now become my exclusive tire. I ride with a 24mm on the front and 26mm on the rear in summer, and with 28mm front and rear on my 15.1 pound disc brake road bike.

I've come to trust them so much that on a recent 70 mile mountain road ride I didn't bring sealant, co2 or a spare tubular. A friend I was riding with was flabbergasted that I dared to do that. Though I do usually pack some basic backup, I've ridden these tires over 10,000 miles now and have thus far had one flat - which happened when I hit a big piece of metal on the road riding in twilight.

I'm getting 2,500 to 3,000 miles out of my front tire, and between 1,250 and 1,500 miles out of my rear tire. With other brands I was in the habit of rather religiously changing fronts at 2,000 and rears at 1,000 miles. I get that some folks who ride clinchers ride them into the ground, but I'd suggest that the reason so many people get so many flats is that they don't change their tires often enough. If I can spend many $thousands on a bike I can spend to change my tires before problems develop - and enjoy my bike and the safety and security that reliable rubber provides.

Anyway, these are great tires. I'm heading to Ragbrai this week and am not putting on new tires before the ride, which is something I did every year riding Veloflex and Vittoria. With the Schwalbe One's I can go into a 450 mile week with confidence.




Gregory B.

Gregory B.wrote a review of on November 28, 2016

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Good idea if it worked. I'm on my 3rd set of walkable cleats and am going back to V2. In my experience, no matter how much care I take the walkable cleat covers just fall off. I found four along the roadway this summer that were unknowingly lost by other riders. I'm hoping that Speedplay improves their walkable design, but until they do, the regular V2 cleats are the best way to go.