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Georgewrote a review of on November 27, 2011

4 5

Great jersey. Nice design, pretty much replaces a wind vest for cool days. It runs a little warmer than a typical thermal LS jersey, and fits a little looser than their other LS jerseys, so you can layer underneath it and use it as a close-fitting jacket if it isn't too cold. W/base layer, good down to the low 40's: low to mid 50's without a baselayer. Runs true to Castelli sizing; if the chart says you are a medium, then you are a medium. Except with one pair of bib shorts, I have always found their size charts to be extremely accurate, so I would not recommend to "size up" even though it seems that is what others recommend. Maybe their tape measures are broken? My specs: 30 inch waist, 38.5 inch chest, 5 foot 9: this fits me perfectly in medium, just like the chart said it would. The large is much too big, unless you want to wear a down sweater underneath. Seems to be built well, and fit is tailored to a cycling position

Downsides: lacking windproof material all the way out the sleeves. If you are wearing a SS baselayer on a crisp day, your arms will be cold. Wish they had extended the windstopper material out to the cuffs.





Georgewrote a review of on November 25, 2011

5 5

These are really comfy bibs! Very comfy straps, nice pad. I do have a couple of suggested modifications:

1) fit is really snug, even in the Medium. I ride Castelli team clothing and am a typical lean Cat 1, and their stuff always fits in a medium well for me. Even with a 29-inch waist, the Sorpassos run smaller than most Castelli stuff. Legs are tight if you have sprinter's legs, probably OK if you are built like a typical GC guy. Size up accordingly. I can wear the Medium, but it is borderline, and the large would probably be just fine. Since I wear Medium in about 10 other pieces from Castelli, this is a little annoying. They need to stick to their game-plan with regards to sizing. My Fondo bibs, also in a medium, fit a good size larger in comparison; they are a true medium, these are close to a small.

2) the weave of these bibs is supposed to be tighter and lighter than normal bibs. It would be cool (actually warmer) if they made the bibs a little heavier weight. They are not quite true winter bibs: under the high 30's, your legs are going to get cold; they run cooler than my Giordana and Pearl stuff. I know they make the Polare for a cooler bib, but it has windstopper material that doesn't stretch and fit as well as these do. It would be nice if they beefed up the Sorpasso for real winter conditions (say warm enough down to high 20's) as they have plenty of other bibs (like the Fondo) that are also in this temp range. Because of this, the knickers may be a better bet. I usually only run bibs when the temps are going to be sub 40 for the entire ride; you can run tall socks with knickers and get good coverage, then pull them down if it heats up later in the day.

As far as performance goes, and comfort, these are first rate. Just watch the sizing and keep in mind they aren't toasty warm.