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George Weed

George Weed

George Weed

George Weedwrote a review of on May 23, 2014

Saguaro 26 TNT Awesomeness!
5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Cannot really understand a poor review of this tire... My experience with it, a little difficult to mount, as many tubeless tires are, but not that bad. Use a soapy solution liberally and it goes. Out of five mounts and one dismount, I broke one nylon lever. Probably would not have broken any if I had another pair of hands around. Required a compressor to inflate, esp. the narrower 2.0TNT. I am running a 2.0 TNT on the back and a 2.2 TNT on the front.

One thing on size, as mentioned these are full size; for instance, the 2.0 is actually wider than a 2.1 Panaracer when mounted. So I would consider the 2.0 to be 2.1, and the 2.2 a 2.3, when mounted on the later ArchEX rims, which are a bit wider than the old ones. Important if clearance is an issue.
The tires have a really cool breakaway in them; they loose traction and then the side knobs hit and it's all good again. In dry conditions, they are really good at pointing, for instance dodging an unexpected car on a dirt/gravel road actually has some hope of succeeding... I am riding these this year in the Great Divide, so I am that confident in their abilities.
They also wear like iron, given the tread pattern, and the buzz on asphalt roads is quite minimal, compared with other knobbies. They are not that great in mud or wet roots, but as a XC tire over a wide array of terrain, they cannot be beaten, imho. Not the lightest, but the sidewalls are tough. A little finesse when riding makes these tires perform their best. They climb "light" though, and roll fast. I've been using them with that Continental REVO sealant (no ammonia) and I have had no issues whatsoever with tread lift, etc. Really pleased with this tire.