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Gary H

Gary H

Gary H

Gary Hwrote a review of on June 30, 2019

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The shop installed them on my new Tarmac 4 years ago. On the first ride I fell twice, unable to unclip. On the second ride, twice again. I learned to lubricate them, which helped, but I have always fought them, even with shop re-adjustments. Twice I fell into traffic, on the traffic lane with cars right behind me and that was the last straw. They have a design flaw. To get the cleat tight enough not to slide sideways on the shoe, you are working against the ease of clipping in and out. I spent a couple of hours last weekend adjusting and testing mine but at an event the right side shoe still slid out away from the crank arm about 1/4 of an inch putting more stress on my foot and knee. If neither I nor the best mechanics in the area can't make them work safely then they need to be re-designed. I would recommend them to my worst enemy.