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GWSwrote a review of on December 15, 2010

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I bought this jacket after reading mostly positive reviews, but I have been very disappointed so far. I have been using the jacket when the temp is in the 40s or 50s outside on bike rides. It does the job blocking the wind and providing adequate warmth, but it is not breathable enough. All of the moisture seems to stay in the jacket to the point to where I'm soaking wet in a short time, regardless of the intensity of my ride. More ventilation or maybe pit zips would fix the problem, which I may have tailored in (If I could take it back I would). The bottom line is that if you sweat, even a little bit, you are going to be uncomfortable in this jacket. Wearing it is like biking in a wetsuit. So far the only solution is to take it off and freeze my a$$ off until I dry out.

Not recommended.