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Eastern Washington, USA

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Road Biking
Mountain Biking

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My formal training as an athlete began as a competitive swimmer. As a freshman in high school I came into the sport a bit late, but excelled quickly. I also took up a strong interest in road cycling about the same time. In 1995 I was the only person in my home town of St. Helens, Oregon sporting lycra and racing around town! Most 15 year olds were buying their first cars, I knew I couldn't afford a decent car so I opted for a shiny new road bike instead when I got my first job! Nearly 20 years later, through career changes and starting a family, I'm still in love with cycling, and swimming! I did a bunch of tri's before they were popular, I always placed well in my age group, and while I respect the tri immensely, I'd just rather not run that much! As an aside I really do want a TT bike, and a tri is a really good excuse to buy one, so maybe I'll get back out there and run? Maybe!


Ericwrote a review of on April 15, 2014

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Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I'm a big believer in technical undershirts for low temperatures on up to about 80 degrees F. Beyond 80 in a low humidity environment I can't see much benefit over having a good quality jersey against my skin, but there are situations where it could still be helpful. This undershirt is perfect for the temps I've been riding in lately, 45 to 65 degrees. It creates a nice layer of trapped air while efficiently moving moisture away and keeping me dry with a stable core temp. It's very mesh like, and given it's stretch the sizing is very forgiving. It has a nice long torso and lays flat against your skin. It will look very small when you pull it out of the box. My wife laughed when she saw it and insisted I never let anyone see me in it! So of course I made it a point to walk around the house in it! My only complaint is that the material will snag easily. Use caution if you're wearing a watch when you put it on, and perhaps, be willing to accept that you'll get some snags that widen some of the mesh openings over time.