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Eric W.

Eric W.

Eric W.

Eric W.wrote a review of on March 28, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

If you have higher volume, to slightly wide feet you will love this shoe! My feet, as it turns out, are very much average in width. I went to Lake's website and followed their sizing guide, going through the trouble of measuring my footprint. I even took out my digital caliper to measure the width of my forefoot under different cycling specific stresses. For your reference my footprint while seated measured 282.6mm in length, while the width varied from about 105 to 107mm at the extremes. While not part of their sizing guidelines, but maybe useful to you, the circumference of the widest part of my forefoot is 276mm. Lake's sizing guide placed me in a 45.5 to a 46, and I was right on the fence between their wide and standard shoes. I emailed their sales staff, and they got back to me promptly. Their recommendation was that I choose the standard width shoe over their wide shoes if I'm choosing anything other than their high end race fit shoes. It was good advice, as I followed that up with a purchase of their road CX237's in a 46 standard. They fit perfectly! So I purchased these MX237 Endurance shoes in size 46 for my mountain biking habit. I wouldn't say they are significantly wider by any means, but they have noticeably more volume through out, but especially in the toe box. If you have normal width feet and want a shoe you can wear a thick winter sock with, this is it! For me, there is just a bit too much bunching in the toe box when I cinch them down to race mode! But keep in mind, this is a foot volume issue, you could have the same width and length measurements as me, but a different volume. As much as one eighth inch of overlap on both sides of the midline when I really crank down. I can certainly live with it, the toe wiggle room is lovely after all!

My only complaint that I hope Lake takes to heart is that their BOA shoes would be perfect, with a little reinforcement behind the upper BOA laces. A little extra padding or a thicker material to distribute the tension of that upper lace across the top of the foot would be a welcome improvement. It's easy to back off the upper BOA as they are two way adjustable. The lower BOA is perfect and you can tighten it to your liking without feeling the laces, this is a saving grace for the shoe, if I felt those lower laces I'd return them ASAP.

As for walk-ability, the rubber has nice grip, it is just soft enough to actually grip the rock. I always felt like the rubber on my Giro MTB shoes was much too hard for good traction. On the down side, the sole is too stiff for a normal walking gait. You will definitely have heel lift especially with that upper BOA loosened to a comfortable spot. This is a compromise though, as it makes it a much better performer for pressing on the pedals!

Finally, the camo color is very cool in person! If you're tempted, give them a try, you won't regret it, Lake shoes are beautiful!