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Emily Jenson

Emily Jenson

Salt Lake, Idaho, and any ocean I can get myself to.

Emily Jenson's Bio

I wish I could play outside all day, but since I need to work, Dogfunk is the best alternate.



Emily Jenson

Emily Jensonwrote a review of on May 9, 2019

Dream Boat
5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

You have been dating everything and everyone for years now, and I have been with you through the ups and downs of it. There was that strong one that was so good at opening jars but, got winded flagging down a taxi. Then there was the one that would walk with you for miles, but refused to cross a stream or scamper over a small boulder along the way. Don't even get me started about the one that had to hold your hand to step off a curb.

Now we have this last one that is so competent and well rounded; kept a steady job, got the jars opened...eventually, loved a good 5K and was not afraid of short ladders. We all had such high-hopes for this one, but you are just a bit bored, aren't you? You are wanting a bit more, maybe even a lot more?

Well my friend, I finally found your dreamboat. This one will grind your morning smoothly with its bare hands then pour it delicately into a cup without spilling a drop, chase that bus down when you are late for a flight and still be smiling at the driver when she opens the door. Do not let those stiletto heels fool you. This dreamboat will carry you over every pothole, curb, and retaining wall you can throw at it, and set you down as gently as a feather, leaving you confident that your smoothie diet is working.

Seriously though, for a do-everything-very-well bike, look no further. This practically sends everything for me. The transition from a 27.5 took me a minute on the cornering, but was worth it.

So good, I am buying it twice.