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Eliwrote a review of on January 24, 2012

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I have had this jacket for about a year and a half. I wear it ten times more than any other jacket in late fall, winter, and early spring in Colorado. I have used it commuting on the bike in all types of weather. I have used it with a Craft thermal baselayer walking around campus in single digit weather. I have gone backpacking with it and climbed 14ers with it. It is the most versatile jacket I have ever owned. I am planning to order another for when this one starts to wear out.

I am 6'1", 158 lbs, and I have a medium that fits great.

From the description on Realcyclist, it's hard to tell what materials this jacket uses. It is like a windproof fleece jacket, except with a thicker shell and thinner fleece than a Mountain Hardware Mountain Tech jacket. It is very durable. Mine has no signs of wear, except I think it has lost some stiffness.

It is DWR (Durable Water Resistance) treated, and when new it will be a champ on wet roads or light rain/mist. DWR "fades" over time because of weather, sunlight, and washing. I had to reapply DWR after about a year and many washes.

The sleeves are awesomely long compared to other non cycling jackets, especially in a riding position. The cuffs are shaped such that they extend over the top of the hand, but not the palm, so it doesn't feel baggy. There are internal thumb loops to keep drafts out of the sleeves. Paired with gloves, everything is nicely sealed in.

The hood has draw strings and is helmet compatible, the waist also has draw strings. The top zipper zips up high to protect your neck. When I am inside, or it is not very cold, I usually have the top zipper completely undone. There is only one pocket, a chest pocket that can hold sunglasses, a phone, or keys, etc.

When riding, drafts will get in because of how much your body moves on the bike. No jacket can keep out all drafts because of this. When the air is too cold, try a skin tight baselayer to mitigate this.