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Edward Yang

Edward Yangwrote a review of on September 10, 2012

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Just took delivery of my blue Louis Garneau Massimo 2 jacket. Deliberated long and hard on Gore Tex Phantoms, Castellis, and similar Pearl Izumi jackets at my local REI before I decided to try the LG Massimo 2. I have a pair of LG bib shorts that I love so decided to try and give LG another shot at my money.

Boy was I surprised and delighted. It's the jacket's little details and thoughtful engineering that all come together to really make an outstanding end product.

I'm 6' 183lbs and got the XL for road cycling here in South Carolina. The fit while not Star Trek uniform snug gives enough space for me to layer underneath for especially cold climates. If you like a tighter fit opt for the L instead.

Took my Massimo 2 out for a trial run in 67 degree F weather at 10PM in the evening to get a sense of whether this jacket can run in weather this warm before I attempt it in colder weather later this winter.

Excellent 3 rear pockets which were nice and deep - didn't have to fear my LG Octane cell phone falling out in mid-ride. Big enough to hold smaller size water bottles without any issues.

Outstanding left (my left) chest pocket to hold my iPod Nano while playing it using just the Nano's internal speaker. Although the chest pocket does have a special rubber grommet to let you thread your headphones through towards the inside - while riding on public roads I prefer to have my hearing unobstructed. That being said, even while at speed the close proximity of the pocket allowed the Nano speaker to be audible without being distracting (on maximum volume setting).

For me at least this jacket is an incredible improvement over my Pearl Izumi WXB Select Barrier jacket.

More comfortable in all positions (upright and racing tuck), way more breathable, and never felt cold. If I started to get a little warm I'd just unzip the top some more to let more cool air in. If all the other reviews are accurate I've potentially got an excellent jacket for 67 degrees F all the way down to the 30s. No creep in either the sleeves or on the extended back.

So how exactly did LG engineer such a versatile jacket? In a nutshell - multi-fabric construction using no less than 3 distinct LG garment materials all with specialized properties.

#1. WindDry 12K: the WindDry 12K's 3 ply construction combines waterproof, breathability and elastic properties.
Touted as waterproof and windproof, moisture wicking, with 4-way stretch properties and high breathability, this softshell fabric combines 2 mesh knits for optimal elasticity to improve fit and comfort. The Knit front consists of 87% nylon, 4% polyester, and 9% spandex. The knit back is 96% polyester and 4% spandex. This fabric comprises a good chunk of the overall jacket.

#2: SS Trainer is a highly elastic fabric that offers great ease of movement with excellent form fitting properties. The stretchy weave is 90% polyester and 10% elastane and is water repellent yet very breathable. I believe this is the black material on the back of the jacket (3 sections: left/center strip/right) that you see in photos of the back of the jacket. This also appears to be the primary fabric used in the elbow areas in both sleeves.

#3: Heatmaxx is the third material used in the construction of this jacket. It is an opaque construction with brushed back to better conserve body heat. The knit has a UPF/SPF 50 rating and the stretchy knit is 86% nylon with 14% lycra. As far as I can tell it appears to be the inner most lining that allows high moisture transfer, excellent elasticity while being very breathable yet directing body heat back inwards.

Other little details:
- Excellent neck design - doesn't choke/cut into you when fully zipped.
- Dual zipper design allows you to unzip from the top down or from the bottom up while riding.
- Where the zipper meets there is a long flap under and along the zipline for the jacket. Presumably this helps insulate the rider from cold air/water from entering through the zipper itself during riding.
- Stylish reflective accents help increase low light safety.
- The blue version of this jacket (along with my Specialized Roubaix's blue/white paint scheme) make me look like a police officer on bike patrol. The blue is in the photos, while accurate, somehow look more police blue in person. At any rate - I appeared to have a lot of motorists slow down when approaching me from the rear during my night ride potentially unsure if I was law enforcement.
- Thanks to the stiffness of the materials used no flapping/ballooning of the jacket occurred at any time due to wind. Very well designed.
- Sleeve cuffs were fitted yet not so tight that they caused constriction.

All in all, a more expensive jacket, but wow what a jump in clothing technical performance that will allow me to enjoy cycling season for a few more months. Highly recommended.

9/24/12 - just took the jacket out on a 52 degree F night ride. Only had a Nike dri fit short sleeve shirt on underneath paired with Pearl Izumi cycling thermal tights and Cyclone glove as well as Louis Garneau neoprene booties. Surprisingly I stayed pretty warm after getting up to speed. I thought I might be too cold but it worked out very nicely.