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Donny S.

Donny S.

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Donny S.

Donny S.wrote a review of on March 9, 2018

Sold as 1x, still uses 2x spider
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Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

I bought this Shimano XT 1x specific crankset for my conversion from 2x10 to 1x11 thinking it would help achieve the proper chainline and hopefully avoid any issues when backpedaling on the largest two cogs. After receiving the crankset delivery, I discovered that the only difference between this and the 2x version is that this contains 4 chainring bolts and no chainring (as I expected), while the 2x has 2 chainrings and 8 bolts?! I thought a mistake had been made in what was sent to me when I made this disovery. This 1x crankset actually uses the same 2x spider as the XT crankset sold as 2x!! Sure, a 96BCD ring is supposed to be attached in the larger chain ring position, but it seems like a crankset sold as 1x specific would have a spider for only one chain ring positioned a bit further in toward the non-drive side. Normally, with a 2x, we avoid crosschaining between the big ring and three largest cogs and also avoid using the 3 smallest cogs while in the small ring up front. With a 1x, we need to ride in all 11 cogs and need to move the chain line in a couple millimeters.
It's common for many to experience the problem dropping the chain on the largest two cogs while backpedaling, I think this set is getting returned. XTR 1x crank apparently has a true 1x spider, but the price is more than I can justify. I'll probably just keep the old 2x XT cranks since they will have the same chain line and I can reuse my existing Wolf Tooth narrow-wide single ring.
At this time, the Tech Specs on this product page indicates
Compatible Components: Shimano 11-speed 1x drivetrains
Rings: 1
Note that there is no indication that it is also compatible with 2x drivetrains and 2 Rings. Yet, the Tech Specs do indicate multiple options for Arm Length and Chain Ring Sizes:
Arm Length 170 mm, 175 mm
Chainring Sizes 30 t, 32 t, 34 t

It would save a bit of hassle if the website description and photos made it clear that the spider wasn't 1x specific on the Shimano XT M8000 (1x11S w/o CR).

In my attached photo, you can see that the spider has bolt holes for two rings. Hopefully this helps others avoid purchasing this crankset in hopes it will achieve an optimal chain line for a 1x drivetrain.