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Dick R.

Dick R.

Dick R.

Dick R.wrote a review of on May 11, 2018

3 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

These are nice pants and reasonably comfortable. Pockets are well thought out and secure. I especially like the front pockets. They are fairly deep and the top access is cut at a more horizontal angle, so stuff doesn’t fall out every time you sit down. I can put my cell phone in there and know that it’s not going to disappear during my ride.

I do have a few issues with these pants, however. First, I have the 12” inseam version and wish it was a little longer. I now see that they have come out with a 13” version. So, that issue seems to be resolved. Second, the snap closure on the front of the pants is way too puny. Even though it has a tiny piece of velcro to help reduce stress on the snap and keep it closed, it still comes undone at random times. This situation is exacerbated by my third issue with these pants - NO belt loops! Having a belt would likely reduce the stress on the front snap, so the pants wouldn’t pop open. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of pants, that relied solely on elastic for waste support, that actually fit properly and stayed in place. These are no exception. And, if you like to carry something on your belt, while you are hiking/riding (Leatherman tool or whatever), the elastic/velcro system is not adequate. How difficult would it be to include a few belt loops? In fact, I would be quite happy to ditch the Velcro adjuster system for some real belt loops. If there were belt loops, I think I could give these pants 4/5 stars. As it is, the belt loop issue is a deal breaker for me, as far as purchasing another pair of these pants.