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Devon Wright

Devon Wright

Devon Wright

Devon Wrightwrote a review of on March 7, 2013

Best Kneepad By FAR!
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I ski with these religiously, for years I didn't wear knee pads and was highly skeptical of my need for them, but after a few too many bruises I sacked up and bought them. I thought they might be a bit too big to go unnoticed under ski pants but when your standing they are invisible. After putting these on my skiing has progressed significantly, no fear when carving of throwing the knee on the snow and is for conducive to aggressive tele styles. In terms of padding the VPD is the bomb, I can jump and land on knees in these and barely feel it, they are pliable when warm but on impact stiffen up!. Additionally they add a great deal of warmth and now the sweatiest spot on me while skiing is the knee. (Plus or minus here). The only negative is the slide on design, when touring you cant exactly put these on at the top and they are super warm on the way up. But in comparison to other pads that I have seen, these rock!!