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Danwrote a review of on December 5, 2012

5 5

Just a few notes from unboxing it . . .
The frame looks solid and well-finished, not as skinny as I thought it looked in the pictures (and I got a large). The one I received has Jagwire cables and Alex DC19 rims, and of course, no pedals. It has a 10-speed Tiagra cassette and mine was a 12-28. Crankset is 50/34. I tested a 28mm tire on the front and it fit with about 2mm to spare (vertically). A 25mm tire is the biggest that fits well in front. It says it was designed in Belgium and made in Taiwan. I got estimates of 20.8 and 20.9 lbs (no pedals) from standing on two different digital bathroom scales. It comes with a detailed, 40-item checklist from a mechanic that shows that the parts were torqued, adjusted, etc. and ending with a test ride. (It is built, you just mount the handlebars and the wheels.) It does feel like it has been checked out--it shifts smoothly, limits properly set, brakes adjusted, etc. (And, my brake calipers were 4ZA (Stratos), not Tektro.)