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Dan  Bishop

Dan Bishop

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dan Bishop's Passions

Road Biking

Dan Bishop's Bio

Hi, everyone. Thanks for viewing my page. Here's a lite primer on my background and passions in life.

I'm from Sandy, Utah and grew up near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. I was very lucky to learn how to ski from a very young age, I actually learned how to ski before I knew how to ride a bicycle. I've been skiing in the cottonwood canyons the vast majority of my life. In 2015-2016, I did a season of Ski Patrol in Park City, and it was a blast skiing everyday.

In the mid-2000s my Dad and I started road cycling all around the Salt Lake valley. It was a very important and formative time of life, and cycling played a key role in my appreciation for fitness and health. At the time, the Tour de France was gaining significant popularity and it was exciting to learn about cycling and its toughest competitors. I remember looking at George Hincapie and admiring his role in competitive cycling. I met him at the 2011 Tour of Utah and we took a photo together. It was a special moment to meet one of my all-time favorite athletes.

To me, cycling is the perfect example of "if you give a mouse a cookie." If you buy a bike, you end up buying SPD pedals, cycling shoes, water-bottle cages, a saddle that fits you best, cycling computer, power-meter, bib shorts, jerseys, jackets, helmets and even eye wear. This can very intimidating and trust me, I've been there. Over time, I've learned a lot about bike gear and why certain aspects are highly valuable to ameliorate your cycling experience. I don't know everything, but my goal is to help you best identify what gear will make you most happy while cycling (whatever your goals may be).

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have, and I'll do my best to provide top insights and recommendations.

Desk: +1 (801) 204-4696 ext. 2469

Aside from cycling and skiing, I'm a big-time University of Utah fan, go Utes! I graduated with my BS in Economics in May 2014, and I have aspirations to pursue graduate work.