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Christopher S.

Christopher S.

Christopher S.

Christopher S.wrote a review of on January 22, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I figured this was an appropriate time to write a review since I recently wiped out on my MTB while wearing these guards. First and foremost, it offered great protection. I chose a poor line on a turn and ended up falling on my side. Not the worst crash, but I smacked my knee on the way down and slid enough to earn some nice road rash through two layers of shirts. My knee, however, was perfectly fine. The guard has a hard casing around the entire knee cap, and firm padding covering most of my shin (some shin remains exposed on the bottom). The guard did the job: it absorbed the impact and my knee was not bruised or scratched. I was able to finish the rest of my ride just fine.

That said, I do experience chafing behind my knee from the top strap on the guard if I pedal for prolonged periods, mainly on climbs. The guard features three Velcro straps, one at the lower calf, one at the upper calf, and the last, which is bigger but thinner material (like a fine mesh netting) above the knee. I usually wear compression socks under the guards, but the socks aren't long enough to cover the top strap.
This hasn't been a big issue. If I'm doing a big climb and then a descent, I just keep the top strap undone until I reach the summit. I haven't experienced any chafing while descending. On rolling single track, I tend to use the top strap as long as I know I will be out of my seat a good portion of the ride.

The only area where I've had an issue with the chafing is at the local bike park, where the climbs are short enough that it becomes burdensome to strap and unstrap. I just deal with the discomfort. Nonetheless, after a couple of hours of going up and down runs, it gets pretty irritating.

Another work around could be just to wear leggings under the guards. I haven't tried it, but I bet it would do the trick.

Despite the chafing issue, I purchased these guards for protection, and they have done a superb job so far. I intend to keep you using them out on the trail.