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Chris Harris

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

Chris Harriswrote a review of on September 21, 2010

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Had this pair for two years now and have some feedback. This is my first purchase of nice cycling shorts. Super comfortable, never torn from hitting the ground.
After the first washing the material split and pulled away next to the lower inseam stitching. Now I admit they were washed on a regular cycle, but i thought this was premature . No help from importer, just advised to wash in delicate cycle, which i have done since.
Now, the rear triple stitching has worn thru on the back side, from rubbing on the saddle. I caught it just after it opened up on one side and was able to sew it back into place and add some stitching to the other back side seams to prevent any further failure.
Really like the style and comfort , but for $80 , I haven't decided if there worth it for two years of use