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2018 Road Bike Buyer’s Guide
Brenna Ellis

Brenna Ellis

Brenna Ellis's Bio

I was raised in Park City, UT and have yet to leave. I love everything Utah has to offer from the desert to the mountains. There is no lack of things to do in the outdoors here, I love skiing all over the Wasatch in the winter and hiking, biking and camping all summer.
I have been working at for about 4 years now and love every minute of it. There is nothing better than working with a bunch of like minded super cool people and talking to our customers about the things I love!

Brenna Ellis

Brenna Ellisposted an image about on September 17, 2013

One Flaw

Hydro Flasks are my go to bottles, they keep the water cold all day, I haven't tried hot beverages yet but I'm sure they do just as well. I let this bottle in the sun in a car one afternoon for 3 hours and when I got back to the car there was still ice in it.. yeah, its that good! I have this in 24oz and I was sick of refilling it all of the time so I went with the 40 and I love it. My only complaint on the 40oz is that the lid design isn't very good, mine broke within about a week of standard use. The bottle is still usable though so I can't complain much, I just hope they come up with a better design for the tops on the big bottles!