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Bradley Gehrig

Bradley Gehrig

Salt Lake City

Bradley Gehrig's Passions

Mountain Biking
Road Biking
Snow Skiing

Bradley Gehrig's Bio

"The Bicycle Wizard"

I have been around and around in the cycling industry; from brick and mortar retailers to e-commerce, and vendor warranty and sales.

In 2014 I started a coaching company, so if I am not at Competitive Cyclist, rest assured, I am still living and breathing all things cycling. For 2016 I will also be representing Competitive Cyclist as one of the coaches for the Summit Bike Club Devo and Race teams.

I got my start with bikes after realizing that running was too hard on my body to be at the highest level of the sport, and gave bike racing a try. I was privileged to have raced a few years at the professional level before settling back into a career in the industry. Since that time I have also taken a serious interest in Exercise Physiology, and spend most of my spare time training and coaching other riders.

At the moment, my focuses are on road and XC mountain bike racing; I like to pedal fast! That also means plenty of long trail rides on the mountain bike too; I challenge anyone to find a better use of a day off of work than spending 8 hours pedaling around the mountains!

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