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Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Ben Smithwrote a review of on August 7, 2012

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I bought one of these bikes on sale from a few weeks ago. Only have about 50 miles on it, but it's really awesome. I think the biggest downside is also the most easily upgraded part - the tires are super heavy and slow. Not a huge deal for me since I'm picking my way through ridiculously rocky/rooty trails (I'll take the traction, thx), but the speedier types have a simple upgrade to shed some serious weight and add speed.

I was happy enough with it that I bought one for my wife as well. It's her first MTB, and she didn't want to deal with gears or suspension at first.

The only complaint that I have is that the paint is peeling up around the rear wheel tensioner assembly. This wouldn't be a problem, but when the paint peels, it slips. I've had to adjust it several times. I'm going to take the advice of some folks online and just file off the paint to keep this from happening more.