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Ben Kuhns

Salt Lake City, UT

Ben Kuhns's Bio

I photograph as a profession and a passion - a rarity and privilege that is not lost on me.

I am the lead photographer for the online retailer Competitive Cyclist and a partner with small creative firm Lunar / Solar. On top of my professional pursuits, I find time to do personal work and occasionally volunteer to teach others in the field.


A flatlander from the heartland turned alpine convert. He's heard every ginger joke you can think of, but invites you to try all the same. Rooted in visual pursuits since his earliest days the camera has become the driving creative force in his life.

With any hope of a normal life long ago cast aside he thrives on the pressures and demands of the modern photographer. Pre-dawn set calls, blaring rock concerts and red-eye editing sessions are the only drugs he needs. He hates talking about which camera brand is the best; but for the record its Nikon. He does not shoot weddings.

Ben Kuhns's Passions

  • Snow Skiing,
  • Road Biking,
  • Mountain Biking.

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