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Angus McWongski

Angus McWongski

Englewood, CO

Angus McWongski's Bio

I live in Englewood, CO. I am an avid Road/Trail/CX/XC/DH cyclist and snowboarder. While I no longer race CX my preference still trends toward CX bike geometry and beefier frames over a traditional road/race bike, although I typically swap to a 50/34 chain ring combo on the crank. Currently I ride a Rocky Mountain CX bike for Road/CX/Commuting, an old Titus for XC rides, and either a Santa Cruz Bullit or Specialized Demo for DH. I have 6 board/binding combinations for basically any winter weather condition and/or riding style. I also collect vintage snowboards (still looking for a Kemper Screamer and a reasonably priced Winterstick). I also enjoy running and although I do on rare occasion go for a long distance (for me) run of 20-30 miles I have gradually become a bigger fan of endurance and stamina trails with good elevation changes, my favorite being the Incline in Manitou Springs, CO which makes for a great lead off to Pikes Peak.

Angus McWongski

Angus McWongskiwrote a question about on January 12, 2009

Since the blue nipples on this wheelset are really long utilizing shorter spokes what happens if I break/bend a nipple or a spoke? For instance, if I crash and for any reason the blue nipple needs to be replaced does the wheelset come with any extra nipples? Normally I bring along spare spokes with me on anything more than a day trip in the event that I break spoke and I have to replace it on the trail or at the camp. So I really want to know what exactly comes with these wheels and how do I obtain additional parts for possible repairs on the road if additional parts do not come with these wheels? These wheels are very unique looking and if my previous experiences with Crank Bros is any indication then they should be everything that they claim to be (and then some) but if a repair issue ruins my trip while I'm in the middle of Utah then I cannot justify it. Just have to ask ahead of time. So does anyone own these wheels? Can you tell me if there are any spare nipples with the wheelset?