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Allen Lim

Allen Lim

Boulder, CO

Allen Lim's Passions

Road Biking
Mountain Biking

Allen Lim's Bio

I was born in the Philippines with parts and parents from China. Grew up in Los Angeles where I learned to ride a bike and cook noodles, chicken fried rice, and a killer omelet. Inspired by the movie American Flyers, I went to college at UC Davis where I studied Physical Education and fell in love with collegiate cycling, which provided me with my first experience coaching. I went to grad school at CU Boulder. Coached the collegiate team there. Got my masters in exercise physiology and then coached for a time at the US Olympic Training Center before returning back to finish my PhD at CU Boulder through the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory. As part of my PhD, I worked on a rear hub power meter called the PowerTap and learned lots about quantifying training load, aerodynamics, and statistics. Playing the odds, I decided not to stay in academia but began working in pro cycling as the director of sport science for teams that included TIAA-CREF, Garmin, and Radio Shack. The experience was life magnified by a thousand fold with all of the good and all of the bad represented in full force. Through it all was a tiny sliver of magic and a dump truck of lessons that brought me back together with a group of friends to start Skratch Labs where we're working hard to make great hydration, food, and life from scratch.

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