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Alex Mclaughlin

Alex Mclaughlin

Alex Mclaughlin

Alex Mclaughlinwrote a review of on January 8, 2013

3 5

1. They do their job.
2. At this point; after a full winter and a half, they are still intact, but the velcro straps are starting to come a bit lose because of the stitching. They are still attached and work properly, but I have to be delicate with them.
3. Unless it is extremely cold I wear them without the Inner fleece liner.

Honestly for the 50% I would say it is worth the buy, just don't expect anything extraordinary.




Alex Mclaughlin

Alex Mclaughlinwrote a review of on September 15, 2011

4 5

Been riding this shoe for a while now:
S.B.S: Works fantastic, may feel a bit dodgy when you first get your hands on it but it does a wonderful job and is as strong now as when I first strapped in.
Airflow: Again works great, so great in fact I might be looking for some shoe covers this winter(I am predicting frostbite if I decide I am brave enough to road ride in these this winter)

Lastly I have a high arch in my foot and the shoe is still able to give me a nice amount of comfort without having to add any type of sole support.

Sizing seems to be a bit on the larger side for some reason and feels a bit on the wide side.