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Alex Choi

Alex Choi

Alex Choi

Alex Choiwrote a review of on September 4, 2012

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This is like the Porsche of bikes. I love it! This is my first carbon fiber bike... I know I splurged but the deal was well worth it for the high-quality carbon fiber frame, Dura Ace components, wheels, etc. The bike is very fast and handles excellent. The shifts are immediate and the bottom brackets are monstrous for great power transfer. I love the matte finish on the frame ? it's not flashy and simply looks cool.
I had a Trek aluminum frame bike before and this bike simply is no comparison. I had a grin from beginning to the end of my 20-mile ride.
The bike came in a box with most of the bike pre-assembled. All you have to do is ? insert the seat, handle bars, wheels, and screw in some pedals. Nothing difficult ? but you do have to "fit" the bike to your liking or size. You may need a hex-star-key wrench to adjust the handlebars, and seat post.