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Alan Q.

Alan Q.

Alan Q.

Alan Q.wrote a question about on September 26, 2015


Since the Thomson site is under construction I was hoping you could help me out. Based on good reviews the Thomson Elite 27.2 seems to be the best dropper on the market. However, I have a large frame (really need a medium) and I'm concerned that at full extension it will raise my seat height. I did have the bike sized a few months ago and I'm very happy with the current driving position.

My questions are:

1. Can the post be inserted into the frame so the post collar sits on or is just above (a few mm's) the frame?
2. If not what in the Max insertion length? If you can give me the dimension from the bottom of the post that will be helpful.
3. If you can insert all the way and the dropper is extended out fully what is the dimension from the bottom of the collar to the top of the post (where the seat rail sit)?
4. Can you verify that the overall length is 430mm?
5. Do you think they will be releasing a covert version of the 27.2 in the future?

Thanks, Alan



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