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MavicFreehub Body


Item # MAV0375

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  • Shimano Compatible, FTS-L ($69.99)
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Item # MAV0375

Mavic makes swappable freehub bodies for most of their rear wheels so you're not permanently married to either SRAM/Shimano or Campy. You can start off with one body with its unique splines, and you can switch to the other fast.

The bodies are known in Mavic-speak as FTS-L, or Force Transfer System-Light. The body is made of steel, as you'll currently find on all of Mavic's road wheelsets. In the recent past, most have had the FTS-L as well, save the Aksium.

The M-10 is the Shimano/SRAM-compatible body.

The Campy-spline version is known as ED-11 aka Campagnolo-11. ED-11 is the ED-10, just with the addition of a .55mm spacer that slides onto the cassette body and nestles on flange at the spoke end of the cassette, so it sits between the cassette body flange and the tallest cog of the cassette. If you're still running Campy 10-speed, you just take the spacer off before installing your cassette.

Campagnolo released their 11-speed groups without tipping off wheel manufacturers, so the manufacturers had to scramble. This spacer moves the cogs out ever so slightly. It's enough for all of the wheels Mavic has produced since February 2009, and most of the wheels before then. There are a few exceptions. The early Cosmic Carbone SLs, those produced before February 2009, have too bulky a drive side flange to work with Campy 11. The Mavic R-Sys and R-Sys Premiums produced before winter 2008-2009 also have too-bulky a drive side flange. In both cases, the new flange design is a bit narrower to accommodate that 11th cog.

Tech Specs
CompatibilityShimano/Sram 9/10/11-speed, Campagnolo 11-speed
Recommended Usecycling

Actual Weight

Shimano Compatible, FTS-L

Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team.

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I have a set of Krysium Elites with Shimano hubs that I would like to convert to a 10 speed Campy system that I have available. The Elites are pre 2007. If this will work, Will I need a spacer for the freehub before mounting a 10 speed Campy cassette, and if so, is it included? Sorry for all the ?s...just want to make sure it will work! Thanks, Tim


saludos necesito el freehub para los mavic ksyrium elite s. es de 9mm para cassette shimano 11 velocidades

La rueda Ksyrium Elite usa el cubo FTS-L, por lo tanto, este cuerpo de buje debe ser exactamente lo que necesita.

>Rating: 4

Easy install (with the help of the Web)

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Replaced the Shimano (standard QRM) freehub of my Mavic Aksiums (8mm axle) with this Campy freehub for 9mm axle (using included flange bushing). Easy to do with just two wrenches. Old freehub off and new freehub on in a snap, just make sure the pawl springs reseat correctly and the freehub engages properly before tightening everything up. Also, you *replace* the original washer with the included flange bushing if you have an 8mm axle (don't stack them both inside!). Check out for good information.


Will Mavic Freehub body you sell for 69.99 fit my Mavic Ksyrium Helium for shimano Dura Ace 7700 it is about 12 years old


i have an 2004-2006 mavic ksyruim elites , I used to use 9 spead Ultegra and I am uprgrading to Campny athena 11 spead. What freewheel will I willI need to get for the freehub thanks you

The Ksyrium Elite wheel uses the FTS-L hub, therefore this freehub body should be exactly what you need.

>Rating: 1

Very poor Customer Service

I purchased a Mavic Freehub body (Mavic P/N M40592) sku MAV0375, unfortunately Backcountry sent me the incorrect freehub in a MAV0375 ziplock package. The freehub I received did not look anything like the photo advertised for the MAV0375 on their website. It is my belief that someone switched freehubs or put the wrong freehub into the package. When comparing the Freehub sent and the one advertised, there are major differences like the claws and springs are inside the freehub that I oredred, but the one sent to me has them on the outside of the freehub. There are no markings on the freehub sent to identify make, model or P/N. When I tried to return it they wanted me to pay for the postage to return it. So I did Live Chat with one of their staff named Steven from Customer Service. He told me to email their bike department at It's been a couple of days and haven't heard anything. I sent them pictures to make is easier on them to determine that I should not have to pay for shipping to return the incorrect item they sent. I am just starting on a 10-day long vacation and all my plans to ride my road bike are not going to happen. And I still have to pay for shipping for their mistake. Arrrrrgh!!!! Maybe this review will get their attention to respond back to emails sent to them and to take care of their customers.


Maybe post it on the correct website you idiot. Nothing to do with the quality of the freehub either. Get in the sea.


I have a set of mavic kysrium es helium anniversary edition wheels. I'm currently riding a 9 speed cassette and want to upgrade to 11 speed ultegra. Will the mavic freerhub body that is shimano compatible work on these wheels.? Thank you for your time.


Will the m10 work with a SRAM Force 22 casette? If for some reason this doesn't work, what is the return policy on something like this?


will this work with Mavic Cosmic Carbone...

will this work with Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR Clincher Wheelset


Will this work with 9 spd veloce cassett...

Will this work with 9 spd veloce cassette?

Yes, this will work, however you will need a cassette spacer for it to work proper.


will this work on my Ksyrium SL SSC that...

will this work on my Ksyrium SL SSC that I bought with Campy 10 setup in 2005? I'm planning to use a Shimano cassette with my existing Campy drivetrain as I've heard works perfect.

This freehub is for wheels produce 2009 and forward.

Hey, I was looking into the same thing - SSC SL 2005/06. Have Shimano 10 on it and want to put a Campy 11 on it. Did you ever find out what specifically is not compatible with the wheel and a newer freehub body? Thats great that its for freewheels '09 and after, but its not clear what specifically isn't compatible. All the forums are misleading.


Will this also work on a FTS-X freehub,...

Will this also work on a FTS-X freehub, like on the Mavic CrossRide or CrossOne wheelsets? Or does it only fit road wheelsets with the FTS-L system? I'm planning a CX build with disc brakes and a Campy groupset, but the selection of disc-enabled wheelsets with a Campy freehub is very limited.

The only mountain wheelset this freehub will work on is the Crosstrail. The mountain hubs require this freehub:


I have a mavic cosmos manufactured rear...

I have a mavic cosmos manufactured rear wheel with a shimano free hub, from ~2006. Will this freehub work to mate with a 9 speed campy record groupset? Would I just need two spacers?

Mike, Do you have an '06 Cosmic? I wasn't aware they produced the Cosmos in 2006 and I don't think any of the Cosmos use this freehub body but the Cosmics would.


Sorry, I asked a question in the review...

Sorry, I asked a question in the review section. I have this freehub but it won't fit over the axle. It's too tight. I seem to have a different version of the 2013 sls it seems, as my freehub removal involved a 5 mm and a nut on the freehub side. Are there multiple versions of this freehub?

>Rating: 5

Installs in a snap

Have received a campy version of Mavic Elite wheels and needed to change to shimano. Install was a breeze. Make sure to read the (tiny) included install directions in regards to the small washer placement. This freehub should also fit most other Mavic rear wheels without any hang-ups; ie: SLS, SLR, Elite, ES, etc. After a few thousand miles on any Mavic wheel, it's a necessity to replace this, as there is a plastic bushing that wears out - and causes the cassette to have play. :)

If your cassette rocks side to side google the hub doctor pro freehub rebuild kit. $43.50 with free shipping and you knock out the plastic bushing and press in an adapter that holds a ceramic bushing. You do need to remove some material from the hub "nose" until the bearing fits which means you cannot go back to the original bushing. I have replaced 2 bushings this way and one is a 2006 SSC SL with well over 30k miles on it and still going strong. It does take some degree of mechanical skill and a vice to press in the adapter. but installed properly you should be set for a long time. I just replaced a second one on a 2014 Ksyrium elite with almost 10k miles and the seal is different, but I expect that it will be going strong in 10 years. By the way I did use some transmission oil that ruined the seal during the first rebuild and one email asking what I did wrong got me some additional free seals in the mail a couple of days later.


I have two mavic wheels: A Ksyrium Elite...

I have two mavic wheels: A Ksyrium Elite (2011) and a Ksyrium sls (2013). This freehub is compatible with these two wheels?

Greetings - this is good to go. I also ordered this freehub for the Elite's - installs in about 10 minutes. Should also be good for the SLS as well. Make sure to read the install directions in regards to the washer placement on the axle.


I have an older (ca. 2007) Kysrium SL...

I have an older (ca. 2007) Kysrium SL wheel, whose Shimano-compatible freehub body looks quite different from the one pictured above. Will this one work on my wheel?

Should work without any issues - the Mavic axle and freehub bodies are identical.


Will the campy version work on the mavic...

Will the campy version work on the mavic aksium race? Thanks, Matt

Yes it will :) Easy peasy change out. Just make sure to install the small washer correctly - per the instructions. It will bring new life to older wheels :)


Is this compatible with a 2010 Mavic Ksyrium...

Is this compatible with a 2010 Mavic Ksyrium Elite hub?

Why yes, yes it is.

Thanks Live Well! That's perfect!