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Mad AlchemyMedium Heat Warming Embrocation


Item # MAA0008

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Item # MAA0008

Keep your joints warm when the temperatures drop.

As the mercury dives, more layers come out. With embrocation, the sauces don't necessarily get any thicker, but they get more caliente. Mad Alchemy's Medium Heat Warming Embrocation works its magic with most of the same ingredients as the Mellow embro, but ups the percentage of capsicum annuum for a little more of a kick.

If you like it hot (think naked legs at 50° or so) the Medium Heat embro will do the trick for general road riding or racing. It can also keep your legs warm when 'crossing in 40 degree or maybe even 30 degree weather.

Like their Mellow formula, you'll find grapeseed and rapeseed oils with some shea butter and unbleached beeswax mixed in for the smooth texture. The warmth comes from the inclusion of capsicum annuum, and a mix of essential oils gives it a scent that tells you it's time to heat up.

Tech Specs
Volume4 oz
Recommended Usecycling

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>Rating: 5

July 31, 2018 Multi-Purpose!

I've used it several times

I actually use this on my midsection with a waist trainer while doing cardio to shed extra water weight when I'm retaining water and it's LE-GIT. It is not uncomfortable at all! I can only imagine how awesome it would be for cold weather. I will be trying it on my feet for snowboarding. Great find!

>Rating: 5

Great. It feels funny, but it works

I've put it through the wringer

I have never used any warming oil or gel... before, so this was my first experience. Initially, I was skeptical, but the thing worked well to keep me riding outside with 1 less layer. You have to be careful when applying it, because what makes your skin warm will make your eyes water and under no circumstances you should touch very sensitive area on your body.

>Rating: 5

So Pro.

I've put it through the wringer

I remember trying Mad Alchemy when it first launched awhile ago. Nothing beats the warmth and aroma of this. Perfect for cyclocross, or just riding when you don't want to feel constricted by warmers. One tip is to have some alcohol and a towel (i always have hand sanitizer in the car) to rub your hands in after applying. Last thing you want to do is rub your eye or use the restroom with some embro still on you.

>Rating: 5

Mad skills

I've put it through the wringer

This stuff lives up to the billing. Medium is plenty warm on days down into upper 30's and I still feel it after a few hrs on the bike. One warning- don't get it on your junk. It's that potent. Even the fumes can leave a tingle if you put on embro prior to pulling up your knickers or tights.

>Rating: 5

I'm a believer now

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Ok, I heard about this stuff but was suspicious at first. I've done it now on two rides and felt the difference. Both rides the temp started off at 65F. It seemed like it allowed me to focus on my performance rather than on my legs. Did not feel the burning until after the ride, but that was ok. I shave my legs, but this stuff took them to a new level.

>Rating: 5

Ditto to Mark Merrel's Review

OK... Probably TMI, but here it goes... 1. Put your shorts on FIRST. Don't drag your chamois across the hot sauce, you will only be punished later. 2. Roll up your shorts, and use gloves to spread embro. Notice, we said roll up. We are serious here. Nice, neat, roll-up. 3. Unroll your shorts, NEVER touching your freshly embro'd legs. 4. Enjoy!

>Rating: 4

Just like Quizno's...Mmmmm...toasty...

Open note to other embro makers : In the wise words of Ric Flair, "If you wanna be the best, you gotta beat the best...WHOOOOOO...!" Mad Alchemy embro is the best, period, and unless you live in the frozen tundra, somewhere North of say...Tennessee, anything stronger than medium heat level isn't necessary. Above say, 55 degrees, put on a light layer, and head out the door. 45-55, go a little heavier, and you'll be all good. No knee warmers required. The guns are protected from the cold, the breeze, and the wet. Actually, the wet makes the embro WARMER, which is always good. Better than rolling around in wet knee warmers... It also opens the legs a bit by drawing blood to the surface skin of the legs. Yeah, it does. It's been proven. It's science. Now for your warning(s)/tips : Wear surgical gloves when applying. Trust me, it just makes the job easier, cleaner, and will save you trouble down the road. Trouble you say? Yeah... If you choose NOT to wear gloves, wash your hands like you just handled nuclear fuel rods. I mean a 'Silkwood' scrub down. And once you're out, be VERY aware of touching your legs. Should you decide to rub your nose, lips, or eyes, you will experience a feeling akin to being maced. Also be aware of it when making adjustments to the privatest of areas. The burn...THE BUUUUURRRRNNNNNN! A simple scrub in the shower, with a soapy washcloth, will remove the embro. The heat will linger for a while, keeping you plenty warm after returning from a chilly ride. It takes a little more time, and discipline, to rock to embro, but it's worth it. Plus, it's just flipping SO EURO!!!