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    We’ve been selling beautiful road bikes for years, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned talking with our customers -- the world’s most discriminating cyclists -- it’s that very few of us are mere ‘roadies’. Rather, we’re cyclists through and through. Sometimes we race hard, sometimes we ride just to see the view. Sometimes we big ring it through organized centuries, sometimes we go on a quick spin to the coffee shop. But our love affair with road bikes most definitely doesn’t keep us from logging serious mileage on our mountain bikes. Riding off-road is natural to us. We’re just [...]

    Over-bosomed and over-Pradaed. Over-biceped and over-moussed. The throbbing excess that defines Las Vegas and the people who willingly go there isn’t a dull pain for me. It’s a sharp and totalizing isolation made real with every perfumed waft of a would-be runway model with whom I’d never have the courage to speak, and with each obnoxious decibel emitted from a cabana shirt-draped cafone with whom I’d never have interest to speak. Putting the requisite smile on my face and conjuring up sufficient focus to do deals is a daily challenge when the mere task of walking through the hotel lobby [...]

    Amazingly a year has passed and trade show season is back upon us. As we speak the Euro Bike show in Freidrichshafen, Germany is winding up. The Milan show begins just a few days thereafter. Once Milan wraps up, the proverbial cats will all be out of the bag: We’ll know with a good bit of clarity the full gamut of temptations for 2005. Herewith is real news, not gossip: Pinarello: The big news is that of the 3rd generation Dogma known as the Dogma FP (we’ll give you 10 seconds to think of what FP stands for). The 1st [...]

    Colnago Closeouts

    I’m not a big fan of airplanes, but I made the flight to Chicago this weekend because I couldn’t say no to an invitation to see the introduction of the 2005 Colnago line-up. For the moment we’re sworn to secrecy, but you can rest assured that our friends from Cambiago were anything but complacent going into 2005. It’s going to be a big, big year for them. We’ll post comprehensive info as soon as Colnago gives us the green light to do so. Given the fact that Colnago is now all-but-completely-focused on 2005, they were kind enough to make us [...]

    None of us here has ever shopped for a 6-figure wristwatch, and only one of us has been to a vacation spot even loosely defined as a ‘resort.’ Nevertheless, we somehow ended up in the August 2004 issue of the Robb Report magazine. Somewhere in between the report from the International Elephant Polo Championship in Thailand and the 12-page review of the Rolls Royce 100EX Convertible (a car that ‘…addresses the motoring public’s urgent need for a proper convertible’) was a full-page spread about the Pinarello Dogma Ego and the fact that Competitive Cyclist is the only Pinarello dealer in [...]

    Ultegra-10 Update

    Trade show season is only about 6 weeks out, so the time is nigh for the rumor mill to start cranking. The first interesting tidbit we have to share is from the #1 bike industry behemoth, Shimano. Shimano is starting to show off its new-for-2005 Ultegra 10 speed gruppo. Rather than paraphrasing, let me just go ahead and quote Harald Troost, press relations officer for Shimano Europe: ‘After the conspicuous revamp of the Shimano Dura-Ace components last year, it’s Ultegra’s turn now to get an extreme make-over. Ultegra has been remodeled into a completely new, high-end, road racing group set. [...]

    Three quick notes: 1. We’ve had a couple of interesting BMC-related developments this week. First off, we’ve finally received our first shipment of Swiss Edition BMC Team Replica frames. They are breathtakingly gorgeous. It was certainly a worthwhile wait. Secondly, we’ve started carrying the BMC Streetfire road frame. At only $690 for a Dedacciai 7003 triple-butted aluminum tubeset with similar Crosslock Skeleton technology to what you see on the Team Replica, plus a full-carbon Easton fork, it’s an incredible value. 2. As promised, we’ve posted a lot more comprehensive information (including some really nice pictures) about the new SRM Dura-Ace [...]

    First things first: Major props to Fassa Bortolo’s Fabian Cancellara for winning today’s Tour de France Prologue. His ride was amazing, and it was another notch in the belt for Pinarello in 2004. It seems like whenever a high-profile race is on the line, the protagonists (and more often than not, the winner) are on a Pinarello. Once again, kudos to Cancellara, and congratulations to the Pinarello braintrust in Treviso for continuing to develop some of the very finest bikes on the planet. We love rumors, and we’ve come across a rather interesting one from a really reliable source: You [...]

    Three quick items of note: 1. Our remaining Litespeed Classic complete bikes are on sale for a whopping $800 off. The sale is limited to stock we have on hand here. The bikes will be on sale ’til they’re gone, but at $800 off that won’t be long. The pricing shown on the Classic page reflects the sale price. 2. We’re having a mini-Pinarello sale at the moment, with 20%-25% off on 2004 Prince framesets and Marvel framesets. It’s a great chance to save some serious cash on a bike of a lifetime. Our gut instinct is that this might [...]

    We’ve received a torrent of e-mail in response to’s May 21st story about Alessandro Petacchi’s Pinarello Dogma. As of today, he’s won an unprecedented 8 stages of the Giro d’Italia on his mean blue machine. Here’s the story in full: ‘Alessandro Petacchi’s bike sponsor Pinarello is understandably more than a little happy at the Italian sprinter’s domination of the stage finishes so far at the year’s Giro d’Italia. Out of the seven ‘sprinter’s stages so far, Petacchi has landed five of them aboard his magnesium Pinarello Dogma. Petacchi features in Pinarello’s latest ad campaign for the Dogma, but as [...]

    Riding season is upon us in full force. We’ve been exceedingly busy this spring, and we’re certainly thankful to all of our customers for keeping us so! Some notes of interest of developments over the last few weeks: - Pegoretti let us know that they finally cured their tubing shortage problem on the Big Leg Emma. As some of you might have heard, Columbus provided Pegoretti with their seatstays and chainstays for their BLE trade show bikes, but subsequently refused to manufacture the stays for the production BLE’s. As such, there has been no delivery whatsoever on them. After months [...]

    Good news on a couple of fronts here. First off, we’re expecting a small handful of Dogmas to arrive within about 7-10 days. As many of you know, there has been a Dogma shipping drought since the end of last year. Apparently the central cause of the delay has been fork production. We expect to see 50, 55, 58, 59,and 60cm in Lord Blue, as well as 53 and 59 in Racing Red. The other bit of good news is that the first shipment of Pegoretti 8:30am frames have finally arrived. Dario was clearly hard at work this winter, and [...]

    We knew that today was the day we’d be receiving our first Colnago 50th Anniversary bike. What we weren’t expecting, though, was the fact that it’d be arriving in an 18-wheeler. With one glance of the box the bike came in, you’d certainly understand that nothing short of BJ and the Bear’s big rig could handle the shipment. You could’ve all but packed a compact car in it. Unbelievable. Not only was the bike inside the box completely built, but it was shipped with both wheels and handlebars on. After cutting the painful check for $180 in freight (and that’s [...]

    A quick glance at the menu at the top of this page tells the story of what we’ve been up to lately. As you’ll notice, we’ve expanded our product offerings to include a broad selection of accessories, clothing and componentry. Whether you’re looking for bread-and-butter items such as tires, Clif Bars, or chain lube, or if you’re in search of more esoteric gear -- the sort of cool stuff you buy on rarer occasions like lighting systems and rollers, our hope is that we’re giving you one-stop access to the Net’s best selection of high-end bikes and high-end gear. One [...]

    As some of you have learned when calling us, Pegoretti Marcelo and Palosanto availability is a bit thin right now in the US, with some sizes completely out of stock. The good news is that they’re finally on the water now with an estimated delivery date of early February. The new cream-colored Fina Estampas are now in paint and should be ready to ship by the end of January. The 8:30 AM frames are about to go to paint, and should be ready to ship (via air, we hope)around the first week of February. If they end up shipping by [...]

    Free Team Clothing Kit!

    Ahhh, January is a crazy time of year. When the weather is especially lousy, it’s tempting to hang your bike on a hook and leave it there for about 6 weeks or so. But despite the cold and the wet and lack of daylight, our staff here and many of our customers can’t so easily neglect their cycling. Our fixation with the simple act of riding – for better and for worse – defines us. It reminds me of a poem by Raymond Carver, ‘Near Klamath’: We stand around the burning oil drum and we warm ourselves, our hands and [...]

    It’s the biggest piece of news we’ve had to report in a while: effective immediately we’re selling Litespeed frames and bikes. Picking up a new bike brand isn’t something we take lightly -- it requires a significant investment of money and time. Given our reputation here at Competitive Cyclist for being America’s authority on the bikes you see in the European professional peloton, a few customers have asked why we’d choose Litespeed, since their one-year dalliance with team Lotto in 2002 was the only time they were seen ridden by a Division 1 pro team. Granted, that one year was [...]

    A small handful of 2004 Dogmas showed up in the US this week in the new-for-2004 colors, Red and Black. We received them in 52cm and 58cm. This is the drizzle before the tsunami -- we expect that 400 Dogmas in all colors & sizes ought to arrive in the US within 14 days. Thanks to all of our wonderfully patient customers who placed backorders with us -- your wait is almost over! If you haven’t placed an order, but have serious interest in a Dogma, this will probably be the only time in 2004 when we’ll have good supply [...]

    After what felt like an epic wait, we’ve finally taken in our first shipment of 2004 Colnago frames. As of the moment the remainder of our open stock is nearly zero. Rest assured, though, that within 2-3 weeks we ought to have rather decent availability of the two frames everyone is so magnetized to -- the C50 HP and the CT2 HP. Our first impressions? It’s been a long time since we’ve felt this much like a little kid in a candy store. These frames are simply breathtaking. Their beauty is beyond easy explanation. Most impressive is the PR color [...]

    10-speed Dura-Ace is here!

    Our patience has finally paid off — we’ve finally received our first shipment of 10-speed Dura-Ace componentry. Did we get as much as we’d like? Of course not. But supply in the US remains amusingly small. Based on our estimates, less than 100 groups made it to the US at the end of last week. Supplies ought to look better in about 2 weeks, but for now it’s slim pickins, and we were lucky to get our hands on as much as we did. Two questions have been asked of us time and time again: (1) What’s the difference between [...]

    10-speed Dura-Ace is here!

    2004 Look Frame Info

    Our friends at Look got aggressive in 2003 with the use of monocoque carbon fiber technology. The 486 and 386 framesets were in decent availability for the 2nd half of the year, and the lucky folks who rode them were universal in their praise of their stiffness and lightness. Look’s lugged frames maintained their widespread popularity as well, with the 381i standing fast in its position as our best-selling Look. For 2004 we’ll see widespread incremental changes, and only a few facelifts to the line. The KG 486 keeps its place at the top of the heap. This was the [...]

    It’s nearly trade show season, so rumors are swirling like mad about product changes for 2004. From what we’ve seen, there’s more carryover than expected in terms of inventory between ’03 and ’04. There’s one overwhelming theme for 2004, though, and that’s steep price increases. As we mentioned previously in regards to Shimano Dura-Ace 10-speed pricing, the US dollar has lost upwards of 20% of its value against the Euro and 11% against the Yen in the last 16 months. Wholesale and retail prices for the 2003 season were established right as this tailspin began. As the year wore on, [...]

    Mavic 2004 Revealed!

    Our friends at Mavic certainly hit a homerun with the introduction of their Ksyrium wheelset in 2002. The trickle-down effect of technology came into play in 2003, as the $499 Ksyrium Elite wheelset brought many of the benefits of Mavic’s high-end technology to a mid-range price point. For 2004, the theme will remain the same – Ksyrium technology will make its way down to even lower priced wheels as their top end wheels largely go unchanged. 1. Ksyrium SL The only noticeable change for 2004 in Mavic’s top-dog wheelset is the color. Instead of black rims and spokes, the 2004 SL [...]