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    Here at Competitive we take great care in assembling and packaging your new bike so when you receive it, the bike is in pristine condition and can be safely ridden with just a few minutes of simple wrenching. Before we get it ready to ship, our experienced mechanics make sure that the braking and shifting are dialed in, the headset and bottom bracket are installed correctly and we double check the bolts and tighten them to their precise torque specs. From there we remove the handlebars, seatpost and wheels to pack the bike for shipping. We use protective cardboard and [...]

    - We’re all Lance experts now. But if you flip back to earlier pages of American elite cycling folklore, you’ll find the story where Eddy B, in his broken English, told his riders, ‘Horses are fast, yes? Then you should eat horsemeat.’ - As much as I may try otherwise, I can drum up zero excitement for the annual January blitz of sun-soaked Australian racing. Perhaps shifting from mud-clogged Belgian CX winter to the high heat of Down Under summer is too disjointed. Perhaps it’s that top form is never more useless than in January. Perhaps it’s that no winner [...]

    Hot, Blind Earth

    - Banging handlebars. The treachery of a springtime thunderstorm. Missing a feed. Cars on the course. Moments of terror come to the bike racer in varied forms. But spend enough time living the racing life and you’ll end up experiencing most of the catalog. Much more memorable, perhaps, are the moments of terror that come on the way there and back. As out of control as races may sometimes seem, the world at large can’t be contained in a rolling enclosure. One evening I was high-tailing it to a crit somewhere deep down in Faulkner country. The destination was Tupelo, [...]

    SRAM’s new XX1 groupset is a 1×11 drivetrain that utilizes a 10-42 rear cassette to offer all the gear ratios of a traditional 3×10 or 2×10 drivetrain, with the added simplicity of a single front chainring.

    - Eighty seven days ’til the most underrated classic of the year, the Amstel Gold Race. Your enjoyment will be greatly enhanced through a better grasp of the geopoliticial underpinnings of Holland’s, or the Netherlands’, most important bike race: - Team Sky has become 100% boy band. Like Justin Bieber — hairgelled, gender-bending, awed by their own celebrity. Give me gritty. Give me mean. Give me eccentric. Give me………Hitachi. - At the end 2012 Lampre parted ways with its longtime bike sponsor, Wilier. In its place comes Merida. All-but-unknown to most Americans, the company is a Taiwanese manufacturing powerhouse whose [...]

    Welcome back to our 2012 Year End Awards. You’ve arrived at Part 2 (of 2). Enjoy. - Website of the year: Or, more specifically, The Rules. This page should get handed out with every road bike sale. My favorite? At the moment, it’s this one: ‘Rule #11: Family does not come first. The bike does. Sean Kelly, being interviewed after the ’84 Amstel Gold Race, spots his wife leaning against his Citroën AX. He interrupts the interview to tell her to get off the paintwork, to which she shrugs, ‘In your life the car comes first, then the bike, [...]

    - History will likely be unkind to 2012. For fans of pro cycling, ’twas the year of perps, snitches, schadenfreude, and nauseating self-righteousness. We all came out as losers. It’s nice to hope that the revelations of the year will cleanse the sport of 15 years of foulness. But optimism is hard to come by when the biggest races — Paris-Roubaix, the Tour de France, the Olympics — were all won by old guard stalwarts. Some have lobbied for Truth And Reconciliation. Maybe instead we should just force retirement on all pros older than 29. With the sunset of this [...]

    To look upon a Time pedal is to gaze upon an empire grasped and lost. Time pedals arrived in 1988, less than three years after Look started the clipless revolution, designed by a guy who helped birth the Look pedal. The fellow French manufacturer went straight after their competition with the tag line Le Defi, or The Challenge. Time pedals had something Look didn’t: float. And if you used Time’s shoes with their pedals, you had a system with a dramatically lower stack height as well. Several pro teams got on board fast. In 1988, Time pedals and shoes were [...]

    Capo apparel began with socks. They, following Alessandro Petacchi’s lead, created a longer-than-average sock for bike riders. It was a hit in the cycling world and a certain Tour de France winner gravitated toward the lengthy hose as well, furthering the trend in long leggings. Once again, Capo is leading with their socks, taking a good idea and making it their own. Compression socks are gaining in popularity, for use in both recovery and performance. Capo has had a performance-oriented, knee-high compression sock for some time. These tall socks we’re reviewing, the Active 12 Compression and Active 15 Compression, owe [...]

    Three Times a Bridesmaid

    - This is the story of a life in balance. And this is the story of one gloriously out of balance. - This week’s best photo ever: - Headline of the week #1: Belgian Classics demigod Leif Hoste announced his retirement. He finished bridesmaid at the Tour of Flanders three times, making him perhaps our favorite-ever underdog. A few years back I saw a photo of him on cyclingnews (I think) in which he was extracting his race bike from the trunk of a jet black Chrysler 300, aka the poor man’s Bentley. This weekend I spent the bulk of [...]

    Anonymous Factory

    -Mass-produced carbon-fiber frames are the polar opposite of the handbuilt steel world. With one you know everything about what goes into the finished product, with the other, you know nothing. The opacity shrouding the production of carbon-fiber frames breeds cynicism. Any given frame may be, well, anything. Adding to the difficulty of understanding what goes into a carbon-fiber frame is the outsourced, multi-national nature of production these days. Is the finished frame the result of an idea from somebody at the company with its name on the down tube, or did it come from the anonymous factory it used, or [...]

    With its Streetracer SR01, you get shared technology from the venerable SLR01, a lightweight and rigid aluminum design, BMC’s carbon fiber fork, and a component package that performs evenly across any terrain.

    A Lineup Of Two People

    – Do you remember Chris Waskevich? I do. Not the person, but the name. Somehow I raced through the 90′s then the ’00′s and never saw Christian Vande Velde filed under ‘Chicago pro success story.’ But Chris Waskevich? He seemed to race everywhere in America and the gnarlier the slugfest, the better his results. I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup of two people, but I can tell you who he raced for: Turin. Not the ancient Italian city, but the Chicago bike shop whose sponsorship embodied a whole city no less than GS Mengoni did New York. Where [...]

    A Metric Ton Of Moxie

    - A SRAM Red mystery lever seen on the pro cyclocross circuit: And in looking at this not-so-mysterious SRAM Force lever, it’s easy to envision post-crash oil slicks all across the world’s cyclocross courses in the 2013-2014 season. - Good writing and thoughtful thinking make tiresome topics worth revisiting. Dig deep into your suitcase of interest and read this one last article about l’affaire Tygart. - Lance’s tweet frequency over the last month has been near-nil. But this weekend he came back with a metric ton of moxie. Titled ‘Back in Austin and just layin’ around’, the lighting in this [...]

    - It has been three weeks since the USADA Cycling report was issued. The monumentally forceful outcry has now seemingly run its course. So much schadenfreude, heartbrokenness, and huffy-puffiness, all of it spent. Now what? It seems that only two things are certain. Lance will remain a very comfortably rich man. And I, for one, am already becoming sentimental for those sweet days of 2003. No doubt, the protagonists back then were junkies through-and-through, salivating like Keith Richards at the sight of a needle. But good God the racing and the drama in those days was the best. By comparison, [...]

    Sidi’s new top-shelf mountain shoe is lighter and easier to adjust than its venerable predecessor, the Dragon 3.

    - Even Paul Kimmage admitted to experimentation with drugs back in his racing days. In light of that, doesn’t Team Sky’s notion of a ‘Doping Pledge’ have a frightfully totalitarian vibe? When you look at the world as a battle between saints and liars, the first thing lost is the very notion of humanity. - Recently I’ve found myself car obsessed, a common affliction in road cycling circles. While I’ve long avoided it, it’s almost as if it’s the logical endpoint of how we cyclists spend our time. How often do we train with half-held breath, hoping hope and praying [...]

    - Where the Tygart Affair (we have to name it something, don’t we?) proved most remarkable was in the heartbroken woe we heard time and time again from the riders. With each mea culpa — almost universally featuring Grand Tour-scale usage of the passive voice – riders bemoaned how they were victims of a dastardly system. By contrast, nearly nothing was uttered about the sinister satisfaction they surely felt when their peak fitness was amplified by perfectly timed-and-dosed dopage. Dave Z’s send-up of Jimi Hendrix was the only expression of the thrill of the perpetrator. Are the riders conducting revisionist [...]

    You just turn the lever until it goes ‘click.’ So easy, foolproof, almost. Just about any owner of any bike can use one. Just about every owner of expensive bike gear should use one. This is why the Effeto Mariposa Giustaforza II 2-16 Torque Wrench is worth serious consideration. Avoiding just one stripped bolt could save you more than the price of the wrench. Torque is a pretty easy concept. It’s a “moment of force” or rotational pressure. Wikipedia reports, “torque is defined mathematically as the rate of change of angular momentum of an object.” In other words, a torque [...]