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What’s New: A Paint Scheme Called Irony

– In case you’re looking for indisputable evidence of the decline of modern civilization, Google the word “thinspiration”. What you’ll find is cultish worship of the spectral female form. It isn’t what you might expect — piggish men objectifying women in a newer, crueler way. Rather, it’s women speaking to women, using image after image to condemn all bodily shapes save the cadaverous. In thinspo’s contradiction of common sense and human nature, it smacks of the jubilant madness of mysticism.

So much to find despicable there. And then I look at the calendar. It’s the waning days of October, with Giro di Lombardia a week or two behind us and Utah’s long, Barbarossan winter itching to let fly. The notion of real training will soon be laughable in its impossibility. Don’t become a fat fuck, I utter to myself once and again. Irrepressible, the bike racer’s own urges for self-inflicted emaciation. And in fleeing from its folly to find solace in books, I ran across a Donald Justice poem which is more cutting than any photo —

“The Thin Man”

I indulge myself
In rich refusals.
Nothing suffices.

I hone myself to
This edge. Asleep, I
Am a horizon.

Il Lombardia 2013

This is a photo essay called “The Mountain of Hell” and you should flip through it.

This is a blog called “Three Pockets” and you should check it out.

– The most gorgeous bike on the internet? Lucky me. It’s mine.

Kirk Frameworks


Kirk Frameworks

Never enough

Kirk Frameworks

– Trying to figure out the most heart-breaking crash of the year. My vote still goes to Zdenek Stybar’s collision with a spectator in Paris-Roubaix. But Rigoberto Uran’s overcooked corner at World’s
is a close second. No question, they were hands-down the two best races of the year.

Uran's kit post-Worlds

– Astana may soon be the longest enduring title sponsor in pro bike racing. Learn something about it.

The face of Belgian cyclocross.

– Ultegra is a perfectly adequate component group. But seeing a PRO ride it — particularly a PRO who wins races — is today’s second instance of the decline of modern civilization.

The Lightness of Being: City Hall, New York City

Scroll to the bottom of this article and check out the Q&A between a cyclingnews reporter and Chris Horner. It ranks high in the annals of awkward conversation, nearly toppling the greatest one of all —

– Velominati Rule #12 is that “The correct number of bikes to own is n+1” which I happen to wholeheartedly agree with, which also led to my recent acquisition of a Ridley Helium SL in A Paint Scheme Called Irony.

Helium SL Lotto

Helium SL Lotto