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Weight: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Forget about truth in advertising. We want truth instead of advertising. And that’s why we’re taking one more step here at Competitive Cyclist to give you the highest-quality information about the components we sell. We already write our own product copy. We already take our own product photos. We already conduct our own product reviews. We’re proud to announce today that we’re now measuring the actual product weights of our components. Like, on a gram scale. All of them. Why? It’s because we know that facts (not marketing palaver) empower you in your decision-making process when it comes to upgrades or buying a whole new bike. Educated and empowered customers are the happiest customers, and that’s what we’re all about.

Until now, only one weight gets into public circulation about componentry: The weight that manufacturers publish. How many times have you bought a ‘225g’ seatpost, only to weigh it yourself and see ‘260g’? Those published weights, where do they come from? Why aren’t they called ‘Purported Weight’, ‘Suggested Weight’, ‘Estimated Weight’, or ‘In An Ideal World Weight’? They’re not infallible truth, and we have a name for it: ‘Claimed Weight.’ That’s what you’ll see on our site when we get in a new product and we haven’t weighed it yet.

Claimed Weight

When you see ‘Actual Weight’ that’s exactly what it is: We weighed it ourselves. In terms of these actual weights you’ll find them in two places on our site. One is at the header of each product. We were consistent with sizing as we weighed like products.

Actual Weight

As the table below shows, for example, all stems are 100mm.

Component Road MTB
Hubs/Wheels w/o skewer or valve extender w/o skewer, valve, rotor bolt, or CL nuts.
Cassettes 12/25, with lockring 11/34, with lockring
Headset With star nut With star nut
Crankset 172.5mm, 53/39 175mm
Chain With quick link or pin With quick link or pin
Stem 100mm 100mm
Tire 23c Smallest size
Seatpost 27.2mm x 350mm 27.2mm x 350mm
Handlebars 42cm c-c
Disc Brake Caliper for post mount, lever, 160mm rotor, and hardware
Chain Guide With all included components
Fork With remote kit if provided

In our attempt to be absolutely thorough, you’ll also find ‘Actual Weights’ in one other place: You’ll see a breakdown of actual component weight by size in the bottom paragraph of the product copy for every component. So, for example, we show the weight of every SRAM Red cassette ratio. For any component that comes in multiple sizes, we’ve weighed every size. And when colors might have an implication (e.g. painted vs. anodized) we’ve weighed these as well.

List of Weights