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Video Review: Giordana NX-G Jersey and Bib


Andy from Competitive Cyclist reviews Giordana’s new NX-G jersey and bib shorts. Boasting a race-focused fit and some truly innovative features, this aptly named Next Generation kit has earned an exalted position in our cycling wardrobe.

You know that thing Quentin Tarrantino does where he starts at the end of the movie and then flashes back for like two hours? Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do here because here’s the deal: This kit, Giordana’s latest and greatest flagship offering, is hands-down the best cycling kit I’ve ever worn. Yes. I went superlative on you, and I’ll go one step further: if I had the money, I’d buy ten more NX-G kits, and wear them on every. Single. Ride. No kidding.

So, here’s the part of the movie where we flash back and talk a little bit about how Giordana pulled this off. And, let’s start with the bibs. A close look at the bottom half of the NX-G reveals lines—striations—almost like musculature, but not quite. You see, these lines are woven into the fabric, and you’ll notice the space between them is wider as you move up the leg. Now, unlike Giordana’s EXO bibs, which use structural stitching and several different pieces of fabric to provide targeted support, the NX-G bibs have one single piece of fabric per leg.

This creates gradual compression, meaning the area around your glutes isn’t quite as snug as the area around your thighs (because the muscle group up there moves around a whole lot more). So in addition to providing the right level of compression just where you need it, the NX-G bibs are also more comfortable because they’re sculpted to move better with your body.

Another highly functional element of that sculpture is the length of the leg—it covers your entire upper leg, almost to the knee, which means there’s added support and compression for your hamstrings and quads— and that helps in fighting off the onset of fatigue on long rides. And, let’s not forget the bib straps, which are a single piece of fabric with a slightly more elastic front to increase the comfort, but also accommodate a broader range of riders.

And, then there’s the new chamois—the Cirro S, which is only available in the NX-G and Sahara lines. It’s made in an extremely low-heat environment from a combination of memory foams and uber-soft microfiber, and because they typically cause abrasion you won’t find a single stitch or seam anywhere on the chamois. It’s also infused with aloe vera at a nano level. That’s right. When the fibers that create the fabric are being woven together, they’re infused with aloe, which means no matter how many times you wash it, the aloe won’t deteriorate. Oh, and anatomically speaking, they’ve extended the front of the chamois, but removed any padding from it, which means very little (if any) adjustment once you put on the bibs.

The Giordana NX-G Jersey is a case study in everything a high-tech jersey should be in 2016. First off, it looks amazing. It’s simple and elegant, massively technical, and it won’t make you look like an extra in a Star Trek movie. The major take aways are: Giordana used thermal bonding in place of seams all over this jersey in order to increase not only aerodynamics, but also interior comfort.

The fabric has a honeycomb weave, so it stretches in 8 directions, and there’s ceramic thread woven throughout the jersey to keep bacteria from colonizing it. It also has a second-skin fit, much like the bibs. But while it has the aerodynamic profile of a skinsuit, it has the all-day comfort of a regular cycling kit. It’s also got big, roomy pockets and a fabric waistband with a thermobonded seam, which makes for super clean lines where the tail of the jersey meets the bib.

So, when you add up all the innovations found on the NXG jersey and bibs, basically using less fabric and lots of thermobonding instead of stitching, the end result is a kit that molds to your body and moves with it like a second skin. It’s also the lightest kit I’ve ever held in my hand. Seriously. I’ve never worn another kit that weighed so little, but felt so durable and substantial and provided this level of compression and support  once you put it on. I wore it on long road rides, extra-long gravel rides, on hot days and even on some fairly cool mornings and as far as summer kits go, I couldn’t really find any faults and I’m thinking about launching a crowd-funding campaign to help me buy my next 5 or 6 NX-G kits.


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